Why KV Matriculation School

Education is imparting knowledge that helps a child to gain confidence and self-respect. Education should enable the child to stand on his own feet and develop his morality, humanity, honesty and character health apart from academic excellence.

KV Matriculation School. believes in a comprehensive system of education that will help to develop children into well-groomed personalities and channelize their inherent talents. We are committed to provide a system of instruction that will encourage the thought process and reasoning, which would gear children to be logical, analytical, practical, creative and innovative.


KVMHSS aims to provide best education, equipping our students with a system of education that provokes their thought process and reasoning that has creativity as the center focal point in every aspect of learning. This helps them to achieve higher in every aspect of education including their life. Our mission is also to provide this education at a very nominal cost.

Our Focus Pillars are

Excellence in Education

At KV, we train students to not just perform, but excel in anything and everything they do. Going that extra mile, taking that extra effort, performing that 110% so they can achieve higher is always taught to our students.


As Albert Einstein said “Creativity is Intelligence having fun”. Children are exposed to creativity which kindles their innovative skills. They find new ways to solve a particular problem. It helps them to stand out in the crowd. They become leaders instead of followers.


By being creative, children are taught on how to become prosperous. Here prosperity refers to the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that children acquire in KV. Positive thinking and positive attitude attract prosperity. Prosperity in character, health and confidence are all taught in an integrated manner.


Creative children who learn to foster prosperity in all aspects of education definitely achieve greater heights. At KV, we help them to dream big like Dr. APJ quotes and help them to achieve their dream.

Our Team

The education of a student is a team effort. It takes dedication from teachers, from parents and from the students themselves. Everyone has an important role to play.

At KV Matriculation School, we help the student to get genuinely interested in learning. Teachers help them to experience learning as interesting and rewarding as possible. We connect with parents on a daily basis through our mobile application and diary, monthly calendars that helps the parent to plan better, PTA meetings on a regular basis to communicate in person with the teacher and school.